Monday, January 13, 2014

The lounge lizard's newest weapon

Last week at CES, FLIR released their new FLIR One thermal camera.  With FLIR One, iPhone 5 owners can upgrade their phone with an infrared camera.  The FLIR website points out that the device can be useful for:
  • seeing if your child has a fever
  • finding pets in the dark at night
  • tracking wildlife like dear in a dark forest
  • discovering potential assailant in dark parking lots at night.
  • detecting heat loss in your home
However, with all the helpful uses for FLIR One, it could be dangerous in the hands of the dreaded lounge lizard.  Picture a night club predator spotting an unwitting victim across the room.  The lizard crosses the floor and points his phone at young lady and saying to her, "Baby, you are looking HOT, tonight!"

Scary, I know.

How can a woman protect herself from such peril?

Coincidentally, her best defense is actually to arm herself with a FLIR One thermal camera.  When assaulted with the lizard's line, she can brandish her own thermal camera, point it at every other  person in the bar, and say, "Well, it looks like everyone else here is just as hot. So, leave me alone!"

Ladies, protect yourself from lounge lizards. Buy yourself a FLIR One, today!

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